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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011...what is in stall??

After reflecting on 2010 one must reset goals for 2011. This process, although many people do it is actually quite difficult to put on paper...hence so far I have come up with these...

  • refocus on me....I must allocate a time where I actually close off from immediate environment and just have time for me
  • invest my time wisely so that after my normal job ( which keeps the kids fed and the banks off my back) I focus on expanding my new business ideas.
  • as I am not a spring chicken any more, I need to include exercise in my weekly activities so that I can loose 6kg.
  • reevaluate my financial status and get some things under control
  • help my reps in to achieve their targets
  • drink more water!!
  • spend more quality time with my family
  • de-clutter my life!!
I do anticipate a lot more goal flowing in, in the next week or so as this first week of January is usually based on change.

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