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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011...this is the year!!

In order to set goals for 2011, I would firstly like to reflect on 2010
  • wow...what a challenging year!!
  • and more work
  • accepting that some things will never change and letting go and going with the flow
  • the cup is half full and not half empty
  • believing in myself and my abilities
  • learning not to give.. give... give all the time
  • looking at my 9 year old son....and seeing him slowly transform to a little man...
  • looking at my 4 year old  baby girl and watching her become herself....scary!!
  • realising that I have known my husband for more years of my life than not....
  • seeing loved ones at 77 years+ and watching them struggle to accept that they are not as young as they used to be
  • eliminating negative people from my life
  • loving my parents for who they are....listening however not always acting on their advise
  • skiing in the crisp white snow with sun shinning as I sacred space of relaxation
  • helping people to shine in their element
  • best tool "google"
  • understanding family
  • visiting!!
  • nobody is perfect, we all have our own skeletons
  • Going to the opera in Wroclaw......memories of childhood

2011.....this is the year!!

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